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Subject: [Leica] Re:M8 - a reversal of viewpoint
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Fri Mar 16 15:11:42 2007
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Chris and others,
But oh so much more efficient.  Shoot six variations of a shot, put them
together in LR and see which one works best.  In the film age you would have
to scan all six just to see the nuances; of course you could put them on a
light table with a good loupe and spend more time examining them.  Plus, new
software is not required.  You have full functionality with what you have.
The temptation to drift to new stuff is pretty strong as there are some very
bright and talented mathematicians out there making some wonderful tools.

For example the folks who used to run Applied Science Fiction before Kodak
murdered the company are back with two programs that are pretty cool.  One
maps the dust on a series of shots and will take it all out: this is perfect
for anyone with a few hundred frames or thousand that have dust in all the
wrong places.  They also have a really neat program to take the barrel
distortion out of fisheye images without losing the coverage.  Nikon's
software loses coverage, this program doesn't while keeping people looking
good and letting the background go somewhat funky.

On 3/16/07, Christopher Williams <> wrote:
> Always another program to buy with digital. Always, always, always.
> Chris
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> Subject: RE: [Leica] M8 - a reversal of viewpoint
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> >> I still like the look of film. The film cameras will always be a big
> factor
> >> in my photography.
> >
> > I like the look of film, also, and I know how to get it with Exposure by
> Alien Skin. It processes a digital image into one that
> > looks for all the world like it was taken with film. It even adds grain.
> >
> > It reminds me of the box that Bob Carver built a generation ago that you
> could connect to your solid state amplifier to make it
> > sound like a vacuum tube amplifier. It added very carefully measured
> distortion.
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