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Subject: [Leica] I Tried an M8; Color Question
From: rbaron at (Robert D. Baron)
Date: Sun Feb 18 18:30:04 2007
References: <>

Don Dory writes:

> If you didn't run any corrections in Light Room then the shift at 2500 is
> major.  Sounds like a retest on a tripod so no other variations.  I would
> also ask if they are on version 1.09 firmware on their demo.  I still
> wouldn't worry about it, the correction in LR would be pretty simple even 
> if
> there were random color shifts.  I can say that my sample is not behaving 
> in
> that manner.

Don, I did notice the firmware version was 1.09, and I remember 
discussing with the salesman (Josh) that the camera was the current 
version with the latest firmware.

I won't be going back any time soon so no further tests are forthcoming, 
but like you I'm just curious as to the cause.

I use a little gizmo called a whibal as a reference point to get 
accurate color temperature set in the Adobe Raw Converter, and I assume 
I can use it in Lightroom too.  It's pretty compact and easy to use when 
I remember to use it.

As previously noted, I sure can't do it by my eye.

> Reading between the lines at dpreview over many tests a lot of cameras 
> shift
> wb as the ISO goes up especially in tungsten, none as major as this shows.

Interesting, thanks.

If it was film I would say it might be a reciprocity issue but I don't 
know if that applies to digital.

I guess I'm just enough of a control freak that I don't like these kinds 
of surprises when I see my contact sheets, film or digi.

> Happy snaps in OK

Thanks! Same back to you.

I *have* been snapping (mostly dogs but some babies; amazing 
similarities in photographing both when they are young) and will get 
some posted before 2007 is half over I promise.


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