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Subject: [Leica] review of kyle's show from local philadelphia temperence group
From: len-1 at (Leonard Taupier)
Date: Sat Feb 17 16:11:16 2007
References: <>

Obviously a repository for Alfred E. Neuman castoffs.

On Feb 17, 2007, at 6:48 PM, H. Ball Arche wrote:

> OK, I bit on the ross bender website. Somebody has way
> too much time on their hands, but I really liked the
> goddess's asterisks.
> --- Kyle Cassidy <> wrote:
>> This review of my show was posted late last night to
>> a Philadelphia Listserv regarding my show (thanks to
>> the luggers who showed up):
>> Subject: Forces of Temperence Face Mild Set Back at
>> Cassidy Art Opening
>> From: Ross Bender
>> Anti-booze forces lost ground tonight when the Kyle
>> Cassidy "art gallery opening" turned into the
>> expected drunken brawl, as supposedly staid citizens
>> lowered themselves to the level of the beasts of the
>> field in an orgy of inebriation, leaving dozens
>> stupefied under the tables in the grip of Demon Rum.
>> Grown men and women got themselves plotzed,
>> hammered, fuddled and tanked, and by the end of the
>> evening specimens of both sexes were dancing lewd
>> and topless on the bar, making Sodom and Gomorrah
>> look positively civilized by comparison. A new low
>> in unseemliness was reached as loose women cupped
>> their naked breasts in unison around hapless mens
>> ears, in a kinky sexual maneuver known as "The
>> Earmuff", an abomination beyond even the imaginings
>> of the compilers of the notorious Kama Sutra.
>> Temperance Union leaders stated that while they had
>> perhaps lost a skirmish, the battle continues, and
>> warned that the forces of sobriety would be out in
>> force on Wednesday night Feb. 28th when the new Dock
>> Street "Brew-Pub" opens its doors to an early influx
>> of degenerates. Ross "Der Hammer" Bender, who
>> suffered a broken nose at the hands of
>> anti-anti-booze militants outside the Abbraccio
>> tonight, said from his hospital bed that he
>> considered himself a martyr in the cause.
>> "Ich bin ein Mennonite," he said, lapsing
>> momentarily into the quaint Pennsylvania Dutch
>> dialect of his ancestors, "und ve gentle Mennonites
>> dont like to use der Roughshtuff unless there is
>> chust a mighty good reason, but chust remember that
>> ve are trained from childhood in the use of  farm
>> implements, such as plowshares and pruning hooks.
>> Und a plowshare might do some awful serious damage
>> to vun of dese broohaha-pubs dat I haff heard about.
>> Dis iss not a threat. Chust sayin. Remember Carrie
>> Nation!"
>> --  
>> Ross Bender
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