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Subject: [Leica] Focomat IIc experts?
From: tkr at (Tim Rylance)
Date: Mon Dec 11 03:51:47 2006
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Vick Ko asked:
> 1.  did the gray IIc come without the triangular enlargement indicator, 
> that
> was mounted to the rear left side of the triangular arms?
> I am told that this came only with the color version of the grey IIc, and
> had the filter drawer.
The "transillumated enlargement scale" was available separately, or you 
could buy a "Focomat IIc colour" with the enlargement scale and the 
filter drawer.

I have a 1963 Leica UK price list which lists the Focomat IIc at 351 
pounds 11 shillings and 6 pence, the enlargement scale at 11 pounds 12 
shillings and 6 pence, and the filter drawer at 5 pounds and 16 
shillings.  The colour IIc is not listed.  The IIc was expensive: an M3 
body was 121 pounds 19 shillings and 6 pence and an M2 body was 103 
pounds 13 shillings and 2 pence.

The enlargement scale is described in the 1957 brochure for the IIc, so 
it predates the grey IIc by 20 years or more.

I have a grey IIc without the enlargement scale.
> 2.  on the IIc negative carrier, I have one with an aluminum non-glass 
> base.
> Is the top of this carrier supposed to be anti-Newton ring glass?
The standard negative carrier for 120 film has anti-newton glass on top 
and plain glass on the bottom.  There is also a 24 x 36 mm negative 
carrier with anti-newton glass on top and an aluminium plate with a 24 x 
36 aperture on the bottom.  The aluminium plate has two pins at the back 
to locate the film edge, and the anti-newton glass has holes to clear 
the pins.

Replacement anti-newton glass is very hard to find. It comes up on ebay 
even less often than complete negative carriers.  Glenn Evans, who 
offers Focomat bits for staggering prices at, says
> Multicoated, colorless glass for Leitz Focomat IIc negative carriers, 
> upper and lower set of 2 glasses, NEW, $300. Ron wisner wrote in a 
> darkroom techniques magazine that multicoated glass worked well as 
> anti-Newtonring glass. I am all sold out of original Leitz replacement 
> glass for Focomat IIc 6X9cm negative carriers and I am unlikely to be 
> able to get any more. This is your best option.
With a little patience you can probably pick up a complete IIc for $300, 
so I would not agree with the final sentence!

Tim Rylance, Bath UK

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