Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/11/17

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Subject: [Leica] M8: "I think it's gonna be all right"
From: ausdlk at (David Keenan)
Date: Fri Nov 17 16:50:47 2006

> have sold it?

No, fortunately my terrific dealer agreed to accept a return.

>why don't you just relax, do some simple testing, and useful
>reporting  of its strong and weak points...

I did all I could stand to overcome my personal objections to the camera.
Believe me that I wanted a different outcome. But I simply found it
impossible to overcome my powerful, negative visceral reaction to using this
camera -- particularly when considering what it cost, my style of
photography, and alternate ways still available to make photographs.

>I must say that all the pro M shooters that have used it are very
>impressed, and are buying one, or two, or three...

If this is the case, they are very quiet about it. Unless they are invested
a successful reception of the camera for whatever reason.

Anyway, this pro shooter was going to buy two. So your statement cannot be
true about all pro M shooters...


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