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Subject: [Leica] Lens Signatures
From: drleonpomeroy at (Leon Pomeroy)
Date: Fri Nov 17 12:02:48 2006


Your greatly appreciated Puts reference site failed to display with
Explorer; but come up ok with Firefox. Apart from Leica lenses where
does one turn to get such nuanced "signature" information on non-Leica
(Japanese) lenses?  Perhaps this topic doesn't interest many; but, it
intrigues me as an amateur astronomer who ground mirrors for telescopes
as a teenager on a New England farm years ago. 


A brief photo P.S.: The travel images on my web site (See: "Informal
Gallery") were captured with my first digital camera, the Point and
Shoot Olympus 5050 which possesses a very fast f1.8 lens of the sort I
like for museums and in Tibet and China (e.g., Shanghai) they had no
objections to my photographing anything without flash. My serious
equipment over the years included the R5 with 100 Macro f2.8 lens, my
favorite Leica M5 (fits my hands just fine) with "warm" Noctilux 50mm
f/1.2. I shoot with a collectable Leica A (Pre-WWII SM) as well. These
days I'm capturing images mostly with my digital canon with L-series
lenses for reasons of computer assisted efficiencies. I confess
photography has always been a serious hobby while's I've pursued a
career that also involves pioneering new thinking about values and
morals (right-wrong, nice-nasty, good-evil) etc which is off-topic in
these parts. 

Thanks for referencing the work of Irwin Puts. I'm impressed with all he
has accomplished, essentialized and succinctly distilled in these pages
on all that's Leica.         


Message: 2

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 10:45:26 -0500

From: Leonard Taupier <>

Subject: Re: [Leica] FW: Lens "Signatures"

To: Leica Users Group <>


Look into Edwin Puts "Leica Lens Compendium". It describes every lens 

that Leica ever made, I think. He describes everything technically 

rather then romantically. You can download it from his site here:


The downloads are free but Edwin asks for a donation if you find the 

downloads useful. After reading the pdf. I actually bought the book. 

I refer to it often.


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