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Subject: [Leica] 2500 ISO
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Sun Nov 5 19:42:35 2006

No.  The M8 will not be supported for repair in 30 years, even if Leica 
makes it that long.
You have a complex electronic item that is a system approach that is not 
100% under the control of Leica.  

The file structure, operating system, physical connectivity, download 
software depends on 3 issues...
1) Computer and computer peripheral manufacturers
2) OS Manufacturers
3)  Leica ( or a third source) to make the software work on that new OS, 
Hardware, etc.

I point out that you can not get your 15 year old computer repaired, the OS 
is obsolete (and the new OS will not work on your 15
year old computer), and 5 1/4 inch FDD are history.

This is NOT a traditional camera, as neither is the Canon D whatever, Nikon 
D whatever, etc......  It is a piece of electronics that
takes pictures.  Enjoy it  as long as you can, and be prepared to upgrade 
when it is needed either because the M8 breaks and it is
not repairable, or the SW breaks and you are SOL.

It is a new world.

Frank Filippone 

Obsolete, as in "that generation of chip/software/etc. is no longer
supported", or "it's not compatible with the current generation of graphics
programs and computers, etc."--or worse, "we can no longer repair that type
of electronic camera."

Will the Leica organization be there for us in twenty or thirty years, when
the chips are down?
(couldn't resist that one...)

Jim Shulman
Bryn Mawr, PA

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