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Subject: [Leica] Goteborgs-Posten
From: images at InfoAve.Net (Tina Manley)
Date: Sat Nov 4 18:01:11 2006
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Thank you, Daniel.  I appreciate the 
translation.  Babelfish was no help at all.  I 
think I probably misspelled a lot transferring it 
to computer. Swedish uses lots of letters!  ;-)


At 06:46 AM 11/4/2006, you wrote:
>Tina Manley wrote:
>>All of you LUGnuts in Sweden might look for my 
>>photo of the Monueles Family Blessing in the 
>>October 14 magazine of the Goteborgs-Posten.
>>They asked for permission to use it but I had 
>>no idea what the publication was or that they 
>>were giving it an entire page.  I'd love to 
>>know what the Swedish underneath says if anybody still has a copy.
>Lars Fahl?n was the picture editor of the 
>newspaper. He is now a guest professor at the 
>Department of Journalism and Mass Communications 
>at G?teborgs universitet. Every Saturday he 
>presents one of his favorite pictures.
>Yours is the featured shot on the 14th.
>The Swedish underneath says: Tiburcio Monueles 
>Gomez, en fattig honduransk lantarbetare, sitter 
>tillsammans med tv? av sina yngsta barn vid frukostbordet. ... :-) :-)
>T M Gomez, a poor farmer from the Honduras, is 
>sitting together with his youngest children at 
>the breakfast table. His wife is at the stove 
>and is putting the finishing touch on tortillas 
>and beans. The family has had 16 children but 
>only 8 survived. The older children have already 
>gone to school, a four hour walk back and forth. 
>Before a meal the ritual is always the same; a 
>quiet moment where prayer is a natural element 
>before the meal. The leftovers are taken by the 
>father to the fields for his lunch.
>"For 20 years I have travelled to the Honduras 
>in order to document the daily life of hondurian 
>family for a week," says Tina Manley.
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