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Subject: [Leica] OT: slide projector
From: datamaster at (Gary Todoroff)
Date: Thu Nov 2 13:58:21 2006
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For the best slide projector, go with whatever fits the trays that 
the slides are in already. If they are not in trays, then remember 
that you could easily spend more on trays than the projector. If you 
are just trying to sort through a bunch of loose slides, then 
consider a stack loader. Kodak makes them to fit the Carousel 
projectors. Leica made the RT300 that takes Carousel trays and 
loaders. Kodak Medalist and Ektagraphic projectors are good machines, 
too. Whatever you do, avoid the Kodak 140 slide trays - they jam if 
you look cross-eyed at them.

EBay has tons of deals on old slide projectors. The last equipment I 
bought was from KX in Santa Barbara if you need a retail dealer:
Several years ago, KX set me up with a nice dissolve unit and a pair 
of beautiful Tamron-Pro zoom projector lenses - all top end stuff 
that is almost worthless now.

Speaking of projectors, I just bought a digital one on eBay that 
arrived yesterday. Nobody on the LUG made any recommendations, so I 
went with the Proxima Pro AV 9310, a 40 pound behemoth that will be 
permanently hidden in a projection booth above the hall closet. It 
sold new in 2000 for $15,000. With shipping I got it for about $450 
on eBay.  (Kinda' lets you know about the price curve on all things 
digital.) Because of its weight and size, I  got something used that 
is about the quality of something new that would cost a couple 
thousand dollars. Images are very bright and I'm looking forward to 
dialing it in for projecting images from my computer server. I doubt 
that it will match the quality of a projected 35mm slide, but it will 
be a fun way to review the day's shooting!

Anybody else using digital projectors?

Gary Todoroff, Tree LUGger

PS - this is definitely not an Off Topic (OT) subject at all, Jim - 
very pertinent to current and future viewing of our photographs!

At 10:09 AM 11/02/06, you wrote:
>My wife's father's ninetieth birthday is coming up and she wants  to buy him
>a good slide projector. He has a closet full of slides but lost 
>his  projector
>in a move some time back. I've checked my local photo store and some  of the
>common photo web sites with little luck. Seems projectors are  considered
>dinosaurs along with film cameras by many these days. Any 
>ideas  where I can get
>one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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