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Subject: [Leica] Epson R-D1 vs. M8?
From: ausdlk at (David Keenan)
Date: Tue Oct 31 18:38:07 2006

> Not just a bunch of BS which is just about all you put forward
> ...waste your money on a camera that you totally hate.

> Oh, thats right you bought it on speculation that you could make a killing
on it by reselling it at an inflated price.  That explains
> everything.

Gene --

Jeepers, first Ted hates me now Gene joins the club.

So, the opinions that I offer on LUG about the M8 are BS. I express a
disappointment in some of the cosmetic aspects of the M8 and that is branded
as BS and without "substantiation". I guess I need to back up my
*opinions*with a bunch of
*facts* before I can express them. I suggest that you, Gene, consult a
dictionary for the definition of the word *opinion*.

And "totally hate". I don't think I ever used the word *hate*.

Finally, to draw the conclusion that intend the resell an M8 at all and then
at an "inflated price" is total crap and without "substantiation". Where did
you get that idea? I said I had some entrepreneurial plans -- listen, Gene,
maybe that means that I have plans to create some accessory products to sell
to the M8 market.

Flame off.


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