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Subject: [Leica] Printing on Glossy Paper
From: jhnichols at (Jim Nichols)
Date: Mon Oct 30 13:15:40 2006
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I had problems when I first got my R800 because I tried to use a generic 
glossy paper that had worked fine with my earlier Epson.  The color prints 
looked fine when fresh, but, after a few days, the ink lost some of its 
adherence to the paper and cracks began to appear.  I bought a package of 
Epson paper at Office Max and the problem disappeared.  I have been very 
pleased with the prints I have made with this printer on Epson paper.

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA
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Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 11:37 AM
Subject: [Leica] Printing on Glossy Paper

>I just thought I'd share a recent experience. I've never been a fan of
> glossy prints. But my recent purchase of an Epson R800 changed that
> opinion.
> I bought a Refurb R800 from Epson intending to print BW with K7 inks.
> But before even ordering the inks from Cone, I used the UltraChromes
> that came with the R800 on some glossy paper samples that I've had since
> forever.
> My first attempts on glossy were a disaster. The problems turned out to
> be software related. Once I got everything configured properly the
> results were amazingly good.
> Setting up and using profiles can be tricky business. I had multiple
> problems which I won't go into here. I almost gave up.
> I finally struck gold on my last sheet of glossy paper. Color glossy
> prints from the R800 are superb. They're as good as the best color
> darkroom prints I've made. The blacks are deep and rich. The colors are
> bright. Best of all they don't look like inkjets. There is no sign of
> bronzing. Most amazing is that this is from an inexpensive printer (the
> refurb R800 was $200 delivered from Epson).
> I tried BW on the R800. Daniel Ridings mentioned he'd had problems
> getting consistent BW from the R800. I had problems getting uniformly
> neutral prints with the color inkset. Using Epson supplied profiles and
> PS color management (the method I use for color printing) was a complete
> waste of time for BW. However, I figured out how to make rich neutral BW
> prints using only the Epson driver. It's not 100 percent successful but
> I'm getting close. Only one print in 10 that I made yesterday had any
> sign of green cast in the highlights.
> I'm so impressed with the results from the R800 that I'm going to keep
> it for printing color and for printing bw on glossy. I bought bulk R800
> inks from MIS and refillable carts. I bought several boxes of Kirkland
> Pro Glossy letter sized from Costco (great stuff) and several boxes of
> Epson Pro Glossy in 4 X 6 (which right now is 2 for one at Office Max).
> I spent yesterday printing 4x6 borderless prints of numerous images.
> I've gone through a lot of printers over the years. I think I'm going to
> really like the R800.
> I plan to print a lot and these will keeps the costs down. I haven't
> used the MIS inks yet but I will be soon. Some people say they look
> better than Epson's inks.
> I'm going to have to figure out another solution for BW. I'm probably
> going with an Epson 220 with UT3 inks and QuadToneRip.
> daveR
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