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Subject: [Leica] Dog wrangling - guns, kids, and saying "cheese"
From: summicron at (Frank F. Farmer)
Date: Fri Oct 20 11:31:39 2006
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I usually don't get into these discussions.  But you are really . . . 
wrong.  True, there are a whole lot of gun nuts out there.  But, I defy 
to you define an "assault" weapon.  To me, it would be a weapon used 
while conducting an assault.  That is the only reliable definition.  As 
to a "sport shooter" I think the same standard might apply.

On Oct 19, 2006, at 5:50 PM, Walt Johnson wrote:

> Anyone who owns an assault rifle and claims to be a sport shooter has 
> no real idea of sport.

Many members of the United States Practical Shooting Association or 
USPSA (the US branch of the International Practical Shooting 
Confederation or IPSC) would disagree with you.  There are shooting 
sport matches ALL OVER THE WORLD that use a variety of pistols, 
shotguns and rifles.   Further, the single most commonly used rifle for 
USPSA/IPSC events is some variant of the AR-15/M-16 "assault rifle."   
The competitors use them for the same reasons the army or police do.  
They are accurate and are very versatile weapons.  One is able to 
almost instantaneously switch from iron sights to short range optics to 
long range optics.  They are light, compact and they use the 
inexpensive and accurate .223 (5.56mm) cartridge.  They are also easy 
to work on, easy to attach a bi-pod to and easy to interchange parts, 
should one break.  They are very easily customized and there are 
virtually unlimited options one could add to get some sort of 
competitive advantage available from countless manufacturers.

Having competed in a number of these matches, I can say wholeheartedly 
that I see far more sportsmanship in these competitions than I see in 
the headlines coming out of football or baseball or even the world cup 
last year.  Your statement that an "assault rifle" cannot be a "sport 
shooter" is just plain wrong.  So, for future reference, I'd read up a 
bit more before throwing insults to folks who compete in these events.

Finally, are there people out there who use these weapons 
inappropriately?  Absolutely.  Should they be punished to the full 
extent of the law.  Again, absolutely.  However, legitimate sporting 
events often use these guns for just that - sport.

Take care,

Frank Farmer
Jackson, Miss.

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