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Subject: [Leica] Digital questions . . . .
From: firkin at (Alastair Firkin)
Date: Mon Oct 9 21:03:26 2006
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I fear the M8 will set my retirement back a year ;-)

> Thanks Alastair--
> This is a valuable voice while we all come into heat about the M8.
> It's especially helpful to those of us who will have to wait until we
> can become third generation owners;^)
> I'm still lusting, but this helps with some of the sting.
> Ric Carter
> On Oct 9, 2006, at 6:40 PM, Alastair Firkin wrote:
>> Well, we bought a digital SLR to go to Antarctica: it paid for
>> itself, because Helen won a trip to the Arctic, BUT, it was not
>> without some "cost". Now I'm NOT trying to compare with film
>> "fairly". I know there are more costs of running film, and that is
>> one reason to go digital, BUT my point is the cost does not stop
>> with the purchase of the camera. OK so here goes in point form:
>> - the cost of the camera was "enhanced" by the extra batteries we
>> felt we would need to have
>> - we took an iPod to back up to, and soon discovered that the files
>> were too big for the pod to transfer all 2 gb of the card without
>> the iPod "stopping". So we needed, and had to borrow a laptop
>> (thanks Christian, it saved my ass ;-) ) so really, I will have to
>> have a laptop in future. That laptop cannot be my 5 year old iBook
>> (I did not take it at the last minute when I realized that it would
>> only hold 3 of the camera's cards on its HD and that it took an
>> "hour" to open each file), so there is another AUD 4000 which needs
>> to be spent
>> - at the end of each day, I spent hours downloading backing up
>> sorting and burning the files: with film I would have been in the
>> bar making use of the social side of the trip ;-)
>> - On arrival home we began sorting etc and soon overpowered the
>> desktop's power and storage: Now I need to look at a new faster
>> computer with a bigger hard disc and in the short run, I've had to
>> purchase 2 large external hard drives.
>> - sorting RAW files is slow, and I don't have a lot to spare ;-)
>> which pushes the need for good organization etc. This means not
>> only better faster computing, but bigger better programmes such as
>> CS2 PS and Lightroom etc. As I pointed out at a talk on photography
>> on the ship, there is no use taking RAW files if you a) don't know
>> how to "develop" them and b) have the hardware and software and
>> time to do so.
>> All of this is a bit unexpected, and to top it off the camera was
>> really pretty cheap by digital standards, so of course it broke
>> down after such heavy use: fixed by Olympus under warranty, but
>> really, you need to carry two cameras not the risk we took with
>> only one (I was using a hasselblad, which would have become our
>> "back-up", but I did not take enough films to make the 1000 images
>> we took with the Olympus, and in the end, my exposures were not
>> that flash with the blad -- something I only realized when I got
>> home, so of course you can argue that with film I would need to
>> have another 2 weeks in the Antarctic and that would pay for 10
>> cameras ;-)
>> Cheers
>> On 09/10/2006, at 21:56, Ric Carter wrote:
>>> Alastair--
>>> How about a little expansion of your thinking here?
>>> Thanks
>>> Ric Carter
>>> On Oct 8, 2006, at 6:27 PM, Alastair Firkin wrote:
>>>> The slippery slope is the hidden cost of going digital: but you
>>>> will find out ;-)
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