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Subject: Subject: [Leica] Follow the leader?
From: pklein at (Peter Klein)
Date: Sun Oct 8 21:41:06 2006

Hoppy:  Yes, indeed.  There were all sorts of philosophical discussions on 
the beach about the animal nature of this piece of driftwood.  We initially 
thought it looked like a giraffe.  With the "claw" supplied by the second 
branch, I thought it looked like a friendly dragon following the kids, 
wanting to play, too.  Pteradactyl is perfectly valid interpretation, too.

Here he is a bit later, enveloped in fog that also swallowed the wedding 
going on further down the beach.  Helped tame the brightness range, though.

I just finished up the folder from this trip. More in the next post.


At 09:04 PM 10/8/2006 -0700, Hoppy wrote:
>Peter, the tree stump looks like a Pteradactyl about to ponce. Did you 
>spot this? Good shot.

Peter posted:


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