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Subject: [Leica] Sinar Bron Para Leica
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Mon Sep 25 19:05:59 2006

One of my dreams at the end of a rainbow would be to have a Para Umbrella to
work with. Taking about having an edge!
Love this visual.(of all the umbrellas with the gal in the middle) Would
love get to be that person in the middle of that layout. With my M8 with a
cool 50 or 75 on the front of it. Like a promo piece for me or something.

Oh I forgot to mention they cost a cool grand USD to buy.
Which is what puts it in the "dream" department. Squarely. Roundly.
The Para Umbrella.
With no light in it.

I'd like to put a candle in it and aim it at my dinner table for a dinner

Last year the Sinar Rep came by my "studio" and I suggested to him he ask
the company to buy Leica. Bail them out. Keep them out of the clutches of
helicopter companies. That was last year.
With all the Sinar, Broncolor and Foba stuff to chose from they have such a
lot of stuff you'd they they'd be in healthier shape than Leica.
Who we were all going to chip in a few bucks a piece each on the lug to buy
last year.
Where'd that get the bread from?
This Austrian company who just bought them?

Are we going to have a Leica with built in self correcting asymmetrical
Scheimpflug principle in every box! ?!!

Mark Rabiner

40?40'16.74"N ? 73?57'34.34"W
Eastern Pky, Prospect Park
Brooklyn NY 11238

Stay tuned next week for

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