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Subject: [Leica] M8 WONDER MACHINE! :-)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri Sep 22 19:22:08 2006
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Hoppy said:
Subject: RE: [Leica] M8 WONDER MACHINE! :-)
> Ted,You've had a camera for a day or so and just had a ball shooting 
> stacks > of pics, with nary a word on the technical side. Good on you Ted, 
> and if
> picking up the new camera creates that sort of enthusiasm for a veteran
> photographer, it bodes very well for photographers everywhere and the
> accountants at Solms. Can't wait to see some pics once the production
> cameras get out there.<<<

Hoppy mon ami,
I'm so impressed with the M8 there really isn't any concern over the techie 
guys and their belly clutching on the numbers. It's not relevant when you're 
using a fine machine because it allows you to totally concentrate and shoot 
the subject!

It was so unique to be able to shoot away in B&W as I've done the bulk of 
the past half century of my career on documentary assignments. Then with no 
thought of changing anything because of a 2 gig card it was a very different 
approach. If it required a confirmation on the screen it never entered my 
mind? Why should it when for 55 years I never had the opportunity to look 
until on the light table! It's way to easy for these young pups. ;-)

Quite frankly anyone working as a photojournalist in film never had time for 
second looks, nor second thoughts about the photograph just taken. We just 
shot what motivated us and I see the M8 reviving this attitude with "real 

The rest will probably do the point-shoot-look philosophy of the DSLR group 
of shoot-look! Shoot shoot shoot look again!:-)
The M8 may bring us back to a new breed/era of photojournalists!


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