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Subject: [Leica] Re: M8 WONDER MACHINE! :-)
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Fri Sep 22 17:41:47 2006
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I can only hope that I can write such a beautiful ode to my wife in  

Op 23-sep-06, om 00:14 heeft Ted Grant het volgende geschreven:

> Jeffery Smith asked:
>> Ted, inasmuch as you were shooting during the golden age of  
>> Rolleiflex, did you ever use one on a regular basis? Most of the  
>> folks on the Rollei Users Group seem to have an instinctive  
>> attraction to the venerable TLR, but I've never heard the word  
>> "Rolleiflex" uttered in any of your LUG posts.
> Hi Jeffery,
> Actually my very first newspaper picture that launched me into this  
> wild wild life of photojournalism was a Rollieflex! :-) Not a  
> Leica!:-) The Leica cost too much for a guy earning $50.00 dollars  
> a week and married! :-) I bought a Rollicord, had it for 28 days  
> and knew without question because I didn't have a Rollieflex, I  
> wasn't taking the best pictures possible! :-) And because Fritz  
> Henle, a California photographer of some note in those days used a  
> Rollieflex and he was terrific, I had to have one. :-)
> This of course had absolutely nothing to do with computers and  
> internet....1951 photo magazines and LIFE!
> I traded the Rolliecord in looking as good a condition as it did  
> the day I took it out of the store and the caring dealer?  gave me  
> 50% of what it cost and I bought the Rollieflex 3.5 Tessar, $310.00  
> and away I went!
> I shot 120 Super XX film most of the time and souped in the sun  
> porch with the heavy blankets off our bed nailed over the windows  
> after sunset.:-) Now that's an experience in itself. :-)
> Trust me a very young "she who must be obeyed" who at the time  
> didn't know how to put the fear of loosing my life in her words,  
> thought it was wonderful and I'd surely become a great  
> photographer! Young brides are like that! :-)
> Today ? She just says... "yer not buying one of those M8's whether  
> you like it or not! :-) Older brides are like that! ;-) Well after  
> 57 years next month she knows how to put the fear of the Almighty  
> in me with just a look! ;-)
> So Jeffery the Rollieflex did play an important part in my career  
> development. I have very few of the negatives due to lost in home  
> moves and the rest are in the National Archives of Canada Ted Grant  
> collection.
> A point of interest on the Rollie, we had to always have two of  
> them because the magazines wanted both colour and B&W on all the  
> stories we shot.  That was life in the good old days.:-) Computer?  
> Digital?What?
> Most of the guys and gals today have absolutely no idea how lucky  
> they are in this beautiful world of photography! My very good  
> fortune in my 78th year is...." I'm still doing it with as much, if  
> not more passion in 1950 when my beautiful wife of 8 months gave me  
> my first camera!  Which I still have!:-) Argus A2 35mm!
> And the very neat part?  I still have her! :-) Gotta love that  
> girl! :-)
> ted
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