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Subject: [Leica] R8 question
From: grduprey at (
Date: Wed Sep 20 17:52:50 2006

I beleive you are right Rick.  I'm not sure why he wants to use the exposure 
compensation during Manual mode.  If you want to adjust the exposure in 
Manual just turn the Aperture or shutter, using the compensation tool in 
Manual makes no sense to me.


-------------- Original message from Rick Dykstra <>: 

> Hi Vipul. No one has tackled your question yet so I'll give it a go. 
> Firstly, from your description, the camera appears to be working 
> properly. 
> When it is in manual mode and you would like to adjust the EV to 
> increase exposure and push the lever up, the light meter responds by 
> showing underexposure. It does this by one notch for each time you 
> have pushed the lever up. To correct this apparent underexposure you 
> would open the aperture or increase the shutter opening time until 
> the light meter was showing it was balanced. Voila! A +EV adjustment. 
> In the program modes (A, P and T) the lever works by causing the 
> automatic program to make an adjustment. You don't have to do it 
> manually. 
> Does this explanation work for you? Anyone else, please let Vipul 
> and me know if I'm way off. 
> Personally, I never use the EV adjustment lever. I simply look for a 
> neutral area of the subject or some other neutral feature that is in 
> the same light and take a meter reading off that. Or go by dead 
> reckoning. 
> Regards, 
> Rick. 
> On 20/09/2006, at 10:42 AM, vipul/jalpa wrote: 
> > Hello luggers, 
> > I have been using R8 for approx. 6 years and I have noticed that 
> > when in manual mode if I use exposure override in the direction 
> > towards + 0.5 EV, the view finder LCD light balance will show 
> > reciprocally in - 0.5 EV direction. 
> > When I change dial in other modes then there is no problem, LCD 
> > light balance will follow the same direction as exposure override 
> > direction. 
> > Is any one who has R8 have the same issue? or exposure over ride 
> > only works in automatic operation modes only? 
> > Thank you in advance 
> > vipul 
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