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Subject: [Leica] ICU images...
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Mon Sep 18 10:20:54 2006
References: <DC4B73A4105FCE4FAE0CEF799BF84B36013F1B3B@case-email>

On Sep 18, 2006, at 9:09 AM, David Rodgers wrote:

> Ted,
> Everything you say is right on. However, I have a different  
> perspective
> on Steve's first photo. For me having the person on the left out of
> focus placed the emphasis on the woman on the right. It makes her the
> dominant subject. And that's where my attention went first. I noticed
> that she was going through a thought process, trying to figure  
> something
> out. To me the person on the left was supporting object. He was
> providing feedback just like what the woman was obviously looking at.
> Whether that was a chart, monitor, or some other type of information
> feedback isn't apparent. So the photograph was about the woman and her
> quest to find an answer, or a solution to a problem; something with
> which I empathized.
> If the person on the left had been in focus it would have been more
> about the two of them. It would have been about a discussion  
> between two
> people (or maybe more people since it looks the the oof person  
> might be
> looking at someone behind the woman rather than at her). Instead it's
> about the one person.
> I'm not saying it would have been better or worse for me if both had
> been in focus. It just would have been different. Whether or not Steve
> intended it the way it came out, or whether he was handcuffed by the
> Noct's dof , I don't know. But it worked for me.

that is the way I saw it... but the shallow dof was a severe  
detriment as Ted noted... but I wanted the oof guy in the rear to be  
really oof...

I do wish to revisit and rework the image and possibly repost it  
later,  I will do that and refer people later in the day  to the new  


> daveR
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> From: Ted Grant []
> Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2006 8:18 PM
> To: Leica Users Group
> Subject: Re: [Leica] ICU images...
> Steve Barbour showed:
> Subject: ICU images...
> Hi Steve,
>> teaching in the ICU...
> As you well know that Noctilux can be a killer beautiful creating and
> capturing piece of glass. Unfortunately the super shallow depth of  
> field
> can
> be a killer in reverse! :-) And that's what I feel kills the potential
> this
> picture had.
> I find the out of focus person a visual disturbance rather than a  
> bonus
> of
> two people communicating as the picture illustrates. If he were a stop
> or
> two sharper you'd probably have made it.
> You have the three main elements of making a good picture....
> LIGHT-EYES-ACTION! The light is fine, available, no problem. The  
> action,
> hands, right on the mark making a point! Unfortunately the out of  
> focus
> eyes
> and facial expression of the person at the back kills the whole scene.
> :-(
> :-(
> Too bad, it's simply a missed moment due to technicalities. :-( These
> can be
> corrected in the future in similar situations. Chalk it up to a
> Look the bottom line in all of this?..... you saw the right moment and
> that's far more important than a screwed-up technical thing. Because
> that
> illustrates  ....... "you are seeing the right moments!" Besides it's
> far
> more important to have the talent to see motivating moments.  Simply
> because
> you wont make the same techie errors in the future due to the mistake
> you
> made here.
> Being able to see interesting motivating moments is a basic inherent
> instinct, you either have it or you don't! Yep some of that can be
> learned
> through teaching, working with people who have it and it's picked- 
> up or
> learned through osmosis!
> You can feel bad all you want, forget it! The truth is the next  
> time you
> run
> into this type of depth situation you wont make the same mistake  
> again!
> :-)
> There is good that can come from a screw-up, heck who's so perfect he
> hasn't
> ever made a photo error! ;-)
> The second picture? Jeeeeeeesh you've produced much much better.:-(  I
> find
> the child kind of buried under all the stuff. I'm also influenced  
> by the
> better images of situations of this nature you've posted earlier. This
> isn't
> completely bad, it's just not a gold ring winning shot!
> ted
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