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Subject: [Leica] FYI
From: hoppyman at (G Hopkinson)
Date: Sun Sep 17 20:27:05 2006

Mark you are right on the FM, of course. That Nikon era is where I was brung 
up. I still have an FE an FE2 and an F3 and some
earlier. I still recall being enormously impressed at 250th synch in the 
FE2. I think the later FMs had that titanium shutter, too.
The F3 has a horizontally running cloth shutter. Very high quality one with 
high mtbf I imagine.
Hey I'm just looking at mine, slow flash sync, big bright 100% finder, split 
image manual focussing, slick manual film advance,
built like a tank albeit a Japanese one. Even got some brassing visible.
Almost a tiny bit M like when you look at it like that.


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> Gene that F3 shutter isn't very vertical, unless you're lying down!
> Cheers
> Hoppy
I think the FM had the first vertical shutter for Nikon. I still have mine.
Or at least the version that's in the camera right now I'm sure I've had it
replaced three times since 1978 when I got it. With an MD-11 winder which is
a good reason then to get into FM's in the first place.
A response to Maitani's OM1. They had to do something innovative other than
not have it emulate a Mac Truck like Nikon and Canon F's.

This gave you a blazingly fast unheard of until then on an SLR 125th of a
second sync speed!!!!

Mark Rabiner

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