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Subject: [Leica] Monitor brightness issues
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Sat Sep 9 20:09:08 2006
References: <000001c6d45b$1d2feb70$6401a8c0@DESKTOP>

Unless you are using a spider or some such device then your monitor may or
may not reveal the truth.  Even visually making sure you can see a 24 step
gray scale is not going to give you an adequate view.  The problem is that
you may in fact have accurate white and black points, but no control over
the contrast range in between.


On 9/9/06, Oliver Bryk <> wrote:
> Several of our colleagues have been kind enough to call my attention to
> the
> fact that some of my recently posted pictures are too bright, lack
> contrast,
> show blown-out sky, or show similar discrepancies on their CRTs and/or
> LCDs.
> I am asking for suggestions regarding the source(s) of these visual issues
> because I do not see them on my CRT monitor, a 5-year old Gateway 19"
> VX900,
> possibly a rebranded Hitachi. The adapter is a NVIDIA GEForce 2 MX400 with
> the latest software release. I calibrate the monitor about once a month,
> using the Nokia screen test software. I have my vision tested annually. I
> edit my pictures in a room with very low ambient brightness, with the
> shades
> drawn. My screen background is middle gray; the screen setting is
> 1024x768,
> 32-bit color. I scan the negatives at 2000ppi on a Nikon 4000 with the
> current release of VueScan, save and edit them as TIFs, and convert to JPG
> as the last step before transmitting them. The brightness of the scenes on
> my monitor matches my memory of the location. I made the images in
> question
> under fairly bright conditions, typically f/8 or f/9, at 1/250 on Optima
> 100, dependably a real ISO 100 film. I did not include a color reference
> chart.
> I do not have the technical or scientific background to fully understand
> what, if anything, is happening to the colors in the sequence of
> transformations, and what might account for the differences in
> perceptions.
> I shall be grateful for suggestions and/or explanations.
> Oliver
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