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Subject: [Leica] Re: Harvard is left?
From: bd at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed Aug 30 17:25:44 2006

The once and present president. :-)

On 8/30/06 6:46 PM, "Scott McLoughlin" <> wrote:

> Too true. Harvard admissions is still "need blind" I believe, and
> I was there on a generous scholarship.
> I'm glad the institution is so conservative, for just the reasons
> you mentioned.
> As for professors, again, my experience was that the mainstream
> or conservative professors outnumbered the lefties. But in the 80's,
> alot of the old school cold warriors were still alive and kicking. Oh,
> and the economics department was squarely capitalist as well.
> Of course, while it seems like just yesterday, things might have
> changed since then.  But when they brought back Derek Bok as
> acting President, a wide smile crossed my face. He was much
> admired in my day.
> Scott
> B. D. Colen wrote:
>> As one who's pay check comes from the President and Fellows of Harvard
>> University, let me say that there are two Harvards: the "liberal" Harvard
>> the news media - and some on this list - love to twit, and the very
>> conservative institution that is Harvard. Yes, there are many, many
>> 'liberal' professors at Harvard. But the institution is, as I just said,
>> very conservative, tending to move forward with baby steps, often taking 
>> two
>> steps back for every step forward. And of course that just may be why it's
>> been around for going on 369 years. ;-)
>> And just to lay to rest the idea that all Harvard students are the idle 
>> rich
>> children of the idle rich - 77% of the students in Harvard College receive
>> grants of one sort or another.
>> On 8/30/06 4:59 PM, "Lawrence Zeitlin" <> wrote:
>>> On Aug 30, 2006, at 2:06 PM, Scott wrote:
>>>>>> While the media seems to characterize Harvard as a "lefty"
>>>>>> place, it's actually a wonderful place to meet bright young
>>>>>> people who
>>>>>> are so RICH that they will *NEVER* have to work a day in their lives
>>>>>> (like most of their parents before them).
>>>>>> I recall 18 to 21 year old boys crying in the Dunster House
>>>>>> courtyard
>>>>>> the day the market crashed in '87, including Robert Ziff (largest
>>>>>> t-shirt
>>>>>> collection I ever saw), one of the heirs to the magazine fortune
>>>>>> (he and
>>>>>> his brothers sold it off - why concern themselves with mere
>>>>>> business?).
>>> Your Harvard and mine were quite different places. I went in the
>>> years just following WW2 when half of the student body was made up of
>>> vets using the GI Bill education benefits. Rather than wanting to
>>> revolutionize the system, they wanted to get their piece of it as
>>> soon as possible. The school was almost conservative in its outlook.
>>> Yale as well. That was the era of Bill Buckley at that lesser
>>> institution. My professors had actively aided the WW2 war effort and
>>> were proud of it. Chemistry Prof. Louis Fieser invented Napalm.
>>> George Kistakowski and others took a leave of absence to work on the
>>> atomic bomb. (They claimed it was a Sabbatical.) The room sized
>>> mechanical digital computer in the Aiken Computer lab earned its keep
>>> by calculating artillery trajectories. Harvard tuition at that time
>>> was $8000 a year. A princely sum but one that was affordable even
>>> under the GI Bill. I earned half my tuition taking pictures of the
>>> burlesque cuties in Sculley Square. A tough job for an 18 year old
>>> but someone had to do it.
>>> Larry Z (Harvard '51)
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