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Subject: [Leica] Re:Photos of M8
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Sat Aug 26 05:51:12 2006
References: <002e01c6c8bb$c5271430$6601a8c0@asus930> <062a01c6c8c8$8369a0f0$6401a8c0@FrankDell2> <>

With the verticle shutter their is a huge amount of room on either side of
the film gate to put a battery, SD card, and electronics.  Also, with no
need to find room for film their is even more room for electronics and such.

It may be wishfull thinking, but a RF makes a lot of sense for full frame as
you do not need room for the prism and mirror that increased in size as teh
sensor gets larger.  So, you just need to have the sensor flange distance
with a big enough throat to handle the light cone coming off the lens with a
rangefinder put on top or the side.


On 8/26/06, Adam Bridge <> wrote:
> On my M6 TTL the flash sync is a connector on the back of the camera
> covered with a little knurled knob with Leica on it. I've never used a
> plain M6.
> The layout of the back is very strongly like that of the DMR - whose
> ergonomics I find absoultely first rate - and it could be the source
> for the photoshopped image.
> I agree that the battery door could be on the bottom but there has to
> be ROOM for the battery and the electronics and I don't see room - the
> size of the camera appears to be identical to that of an M6/7. But
> there needs to be room for the shutter, the sensor on the film plane -
> and that's going to be thicker than film is.
> I just don't believe this image. Not to mention the huge eyepiece.
> AB
> On 8/25/06, Frank Filippone <> wrote:
> > Maybe it is real, maybe not... but what I notice.....
> >
> > The VF eyepiece is as big as a quarter,,,,,,   Why?
> > Th LCD looks an Epson RD-1....Does someone have a real Epson camera to
> compare?
> > The lens seems to be a 35 ASPH Summilux.  Not what I expected, but what
> do I know?
> > There appears to be a locking device ( ?)  around the Shutter release
> button....
> > The "knob" on the back of the camera near the LCD looks weird.... like
> from a Canon camera.....
> > What's with the blue dot?
> >
> > Note to Adam... the battery access door might be shoved in to the bottom
> of the camera..
> > Flash synch on an M6 is located only in the Accessory Shoe on top of the
> camera.....
> >
> > Might be an M8, might not be...
> >
> >
> > Frank Filippone
> >
> >
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