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Subject: [Leica] Jill Greenberg's Distressed Children
From: chs2018 at (Chris Saganich)
Date: Thu Jul 6 13:22:54 2006
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Yes I do agree if it is true.  What is clear to me is the wording in the 
press release poorly conveys the artists point and exacerbates the 
controversy.  They obviously want us to think she may be mistreating the 
kids, but, it may not be true.  So, there isn't enough primary information 
for me to join the lynch mob yet, although it is a titillating 
prospect.  It's been a while since I've sharpened the pitchfork.


At 02:35 PM 7/6/2006, you wrote:
>At 12:53 PM -0400 7/6/06, Chris Saganich wrote:
>>Looking at this I can't seem to see the connection with the artists 
>>statement and the images.  But, the technique is familiar, using 
>>provocative images that create an emotional reaction which is then 
>>co-opted for some specific purpose.   advertising I think it is 
>>called.  To the extent that advertising is exploitation I think these 
>>kids are being exploited with the permission of their parents. These days 
>>few really understand the meaning of exploitation.
>>An acquaintance of mine had been working on a similar project but without 
>>the provocation.  He just waited for the kid to fuss and cry about 
>>something and take a snap shot.  They look pretty much like the photos in 
>>question.  I think people who are outraged by this are reacting without 
>>knowing much about the process.
>>Chris Saganich
>Part of her process is to intentionally provoke them. This is clearly 
>stated in the links that Tina provided. That is the outrageous part, and 
>in my opinion is disgusting.
>Waiting for photos to happen, purely as an observer, is a whole 'nuther 
>matter. That's not what's happening here. Then you still have to decide 
>what's more important: comforting the children or taking photos of them.
>If kids are treated reasonably, some might not cry or fuss for a very long 
>time. If she doesn't have the patience to wait for the natural occurrence 
>of small children crying, she should look for another project. Valuing her 
>time more than the morality of provoking anguish in small children is what 
>upsets me.
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