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Subject: [Leica] was: did I miss a fight? NOW snapshots and criticism
From: chandos at (Chandos Michael Brown)
Date: Thu Jun 29 18:09:16 2006

BS, Sonny,

I well remember when I commented on a photo of yours, remarking that the
complexions of its subject were a bilious green, and your response was that
color balance was "subjective."  I realized then that those of us who work
at a calibrated workflow and actually care about this are wasting our time
talking to you.

What I object to is the apparent assumption on your part that your
"subjectivity" is somehow worthy of sustained attention.  In my view it is
not.  And believe me, I know how to use a delete key and a filter; your
"Friday Flowers" go instantly to the delete file.

And where do you get off telling me, or anyone else for the matter, what the
LUG is and isn't?

I don't much give a s*** why people come to your collections or why they do

As I've said before, by your standards any moderately successful
pornographer is "great" photographer.

Sonny, I've always been curious.  Do any black folk live in your town?  They
don't appear in your photographs. If I understand you correctly, this means
that you don't "like" them. What we *do* get a lot of are pre-pubescent
cheerleaders, and a lot of middle-class, middle-aged white folk "swapping
lies," as you once captioned a photograph.  How apt.

What, exactly, do you think you're documenting, and why?

And judging from the stuff you routinely post here, it's laughable to learn
that you consider yourself a critic of your own work.  God alone knows what
you throw away.

Really, get a grip.




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Subject: [Leica] was: did I miss a fight? NOW snapshots and criticism

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Let he who is without snapshots cast the first stone, or at least   
stop posting them.

I totally disagree. Sorry.  You know, I work in an archive with a  giant 
collection of photography.  We have some Ullmans and other good  stuff, but
no one 
comes to us for that.  Movie makers, magazines, writers,  TV producers,  all

come to us for the pictures in our snapshot collection.  It is rich with 
moments from the daily lives of people from this area.
This is not an art list. This is not Streetphoto.  I see things and  
photograph them and show them.  If you like my work, look at it, if you
don't use the 
delete key.  I enjoy criticism, but believe me, even Chandos  is not a 
greater critic of my work than I am.   
I do not like criticism like, "too bad that when the explosion happened  
there were some power lines obscuring the lovely clouds."  For God's sake,
you talk about a shot, give pointers that someone can do something  about.  
For example, my monitor might be screwed up, and the color looks just fine  
to me, but to someone else it sucks.  Tell me.  I have several  monitors 
available, and then I know that the one I'm editing on needs  attention.
I try to put interesting shots online.  Not great art.  I am not  an artist.

I don't have an artist's statement.  I take  pictures.  I sell some. Some 
people think because I don't dig into the ugly  side of my town that I am
documenting it.  I prefer to show what I  like, not what I hate.  I did that
many years as a news photographer,  and it only makes me sad if that's all I

So, to finally answer what you said, I shoot hundreds of pictures you never

see. Some, no one but me will ever see.  
An example: My dear sweet wife, already in the first stages of anesthesia  
before a major surgery this week.  Without makeup, in hospital stuff, a
portrait of the woman I love in a moment that we are uncertain of our
  She did OK, but I'll treasure that shot because I'll always  remember how
felt about her in those tense moments.  

Natchitoches, Louisiana
Oldest continuous  settlement in La Louisiane
?galit?, libert?,  crawfish

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