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Subject: [Leica] Armed America on the Road
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Sat Jun 24 11:36:56 2006
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am I seeing things when I read the captions to Kyle's shots? 3 captions 
out of 22 photos mention god or their creator as the source of their 
rights - a scary proportion to me.
Is Kyle seeking out fringe figures? For some people in intolerant 
circles, the "inclinations" of a couple of his subjects are definitely 
fringe or beyond.
On the other hand, most others look disturbingly normal - which is 
exactly what makes the series so good.
Douglas wrote:

>"Unfortunately these "God-given Rights" are screwing up so many countries
>around the world - not just the USA - whichever god or prophet happens to 
>be "in charge" seems to make no difference.     Douglas"
>I have NEVER heard any gun owner (that I know) invoke "God given right" 
>Most cite the 2nd Amendment .....
>I am not sympathetic to either position...
>I don't own a gun...
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