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Subject: [Leica] typical US brains?
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Sun Jun 11 17:33:44 2006
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You know, hmmmm,  I thought I couldn't square your first post
with your second :-)

Sorry if there were any misunderstandings.

I agree on the general isolationist theme here in the states. Folks
just don't care. Not like "not caring about a starving baby," but
like completely out of sight and mind.

Of course, sometimes it seems we do have a small contingent of
powerful citizens who like to keep us embroiled in some conflict
or another at any given time ;-) 


Marc James Small wrote:

>At 08:06 PM 6/11/06 -0400, Scott McLoughlin wrote:
>>I'm sure Marc meant to write "I" instead of "us,"  since  by no
>>means would he pretend to speak for me or any other Americans.
>>There are both isolationists and interventionists here in the U.S.
>>and various stripes in between.  Policy rocks back and forth
>>over the decades.
>>Marc's claim that we are a large country with a big military ("the
>>big dog") is true. OTOH, what Marc describes below as "slapping
>>down" nations merely for "arguing with us" is *completely* amoral
>>and sounds like an excellent start for a war crimes tribunal, IMHO.
>>What, Marc, should we blow up France next because we argue?
>>Or should we just "slap down" the little nations?  
>What I stated was that the average US citizen wants the US to leave the
>world alone save when someone attacks us.  I have no clue as to how you
>derived t he above from my posting.  Again and again, I DO wish that folks
>would respond to what I actually posted and not to what they believed I had
>posted!  <he grins>
>I am an absolute isolationist.  I was discussing what the average USian
>citizen believes and advocates rather than expressing my personal views.
>Scott, you probably need a refresher in Middle America.  Why not visit me
>for a week and I'll take you to some diners and beerstubs and the like to
>learn what those guys who DO vote actually believe.
>Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!
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