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Subject: [Leica] (no subject)
From: nickbroberts at (Nick Roberts)
Date: Fri Jun 9 06:12:34 2006

Bravo, Mark.
I like Leicas because of the pictures I can take with them, and the 
wonderful engineering.
I LOVE Rolleis for the same reasons.

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Subject: [Leica] (no subject)

They call it an "F". A 12/24 is an F.
I think. Maybe it also has to be a 2.8.

I've always thought a used Rolleiflex or Rolleicord is often, depending on
price of course the best deal in photography. Even expensive its the best
deal in photography.
Quieter than a Leica M and by quite a bit. Which means its about as quiet as
you can get.
Less obtrusive believe it or not although bigger because of the waist level
viewing you can get away with murder. Nothing raised to your eye
threateningly. Unless you want to use the excellent feature of the folding
finder where you can sight through the back of it point and shoot style and
have very direct viewing, nothing between you and your subject plus still
focus by glancing down,
Leaf shutter would probably give you a more real time shutter (lag) in terms
of not waiting for things to happen after you hit the release before the
shutter goes off. The shutter button makes the shutter go off. Like a Leica
perhaps. But there's something to be said for a leaf shutter. Capturing
action more realistically is one as there is no forward or backward even
blur. Hence the second Leica ever made had one though ill conceived.
Flash in sync at 1/500th or longer.
Square format has much to be said for it. At the very least its another
option for certain shots or subjects. I'd kill for a postal Leica or a
Robot. Can be used square or cropped later to landscape or portrait mode or
one of each; or neither. that's what Ansel did. Which means you don't have
to shoot everything twice which lots of photographer find the pretty much
have to do. Me almost.. And flash mounting is very simple and elegant even
as you never have to turn the camera on its side. You could but the effect
would be minimal. What else?.....
Oh! Quieter! I wrote that already.
Cheaper! I wrote that already too I think it tends to be cheaper than a
Leica body with lens depending but usually. In the minds of the uninformed a
Rolleiflex looks useless often.
And whenever you buy a Rolleiflex you get guaranteed lens with it at no
extra price. Make that two!
I think people think "oh they can make them with one lens now". So they sell
them cheap. I'd not fool around with that but just shell out real money and
get the one you want from a reputable dealer.
I think it's more study than Leica and certainly most cameras. Not a Speed
Graphic though. It doesn't float and you cant always fix it with a screw
drive and  if you smash it against a tree or a wall as hard as you can it
may not work afterwards.
With the viewing system separate from the taking system it is constructed
very efficiently and not being a modular camera, the lens doesn't even come
off, it is very well sealed. Arf.
You can put it on a table and look through it and take time exposures of
I forgot.
I'll think of more later.

Oh the contact sheets are easier to see. You barely need a loupe. Less need
to have them "proofed" individually. I used to even give wedding clients
contact sheets instead of proofs. And a loupe. When life got too short.
12 on a roll feels right for many an occasion. 12 is a great number. Ask any
clock or baker.
You don't have to wait for after new years eve before you can see your

And a scan you make from a neg has so much information in it that you have
to get a hard drive as big as a room to put it all in; viewing it 1:1 on a
monitor is a startling experience. and there's not an inkjet printer alive
to do it justice unless they make one 12 feel long. Maybe for posters in
Grand Central Station. A terminal situation.

Its a brick which takes pictures.

Mark Rabiner

Leica Users Group.
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