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Subject: [Leica] Pretentious? film or digital?
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Mon Jun 5 18:06:17 2006
References: <> <004f01c688ec$889dcc20$a302a8c0@ted>

Good to hear from you again.  Don't be a stranger amongst your friends and
take your wee dram at regular intervals or SWMBO will take your toys away.


On 6/5/06, Ted Grant <> wrote:
> B. D. Colen offered as a comment to William:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Pretentious?
> > Gee, William, that must explain why I've had folks on this list ask if
> > photos I took with an Olympus E1 digital and converted to black and
> white
> > were shot with my Ms... ;-)<<<,
> B.D., mon ami,
> It's a shame I have to return for one post in some what of a really
> cantankerous mode at this William chap, whom unfortunately I do not have a
> clue about his photographic background nor skills.
> He of course maybe a brilliant professional photographer much like the
> rest
> of us on the list ;-)  with multi years experience. Although his comment,
> "one can tell the camera by the look of a picture is inane at best!" A
> lens
> maybe, but camera? Give me a break!
> But what really set me off was his off handed remark to "Our Lady of the
> List", Tina Manley about not shooting film! Only illustrates he must be an
> absolute newbie or has no idea who she is, nor her incredible career.
> I of course maybe taking a shot at a very fine fellow, my error. And I
> apologize. But comments about my friends are an equal affront to myself
> and
> what cameras we use with film or digital.  Or what we use in our careers.
> It would of course be great if William in plain photo language explained
> how
> he can tell what camera was used to take what pictures? So, please William
> be a good chap then and tell us how you do this? Thank you for your
> explanation.
> regards,
> ted
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