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Subject: [Leica] Pretentious? film or digital?
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Jun 5 15:08:51 2006
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B. D. Colen offered as a comment to William:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Pretentious?

> Gee, William, that must explain why I've had folks on this list ask if
> photos I took with an Olympus E1 digital and converted to black and white
> were shot with my Ms... ;-)<<<,

B.D., mon ami,
It's a shame I have to return for one post in some what of a really 
cantankerous mode at this William chap, whom unfortunately I do not have a 
clue about his photographic background nor skills.

He of course maybe a brilliant professional photographer much like the rest 
of us on the list ;-)  with multi years experience. Although his comment, 
"one can tell the camera by the look of a picture is inane at best!" A lens 
maybe, but camera? Give me a break!

But what really set me off was his off handed remark to "Our Lady of the 
List", Tina Manley about not shooting film! Only illustrates he must be an 
absolute newbie or has no idea who she is, nor her incredible career.

I of course maybe taking a shot at a very fine fellow, my error. And I 
apologize. But comments about my friends are an equal affront to myself and 
what cameras we use with film or digital.  Or what we use in our careers.

It would of course be great if William in plain photo language explained how 
he can tell what camera was used to take what pictures? So, please William 
be a good chap then and tell us how you do this? Thank you for your 

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