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Subject: [Leica] Senegal
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Mon Jun 5 05:08:09 2006
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Thanks, Don.
As to the doing it again part, I might, but probably would organise  
things a bit differently as I explained to Tina already: arrive some  
days before the actual shooting, do some scouting, and then do the  
shooting. Afterwards, I'd return to interesting spots I noticed while  
shooting, but didn't have the time to cover.
Another thing though, which I mentioned already just after returning  
and posting the first image:
I seriously doubt if I'm made for the PJ trade. In my mind, a PJ is  
somebody who maximizes his shooting results, for the simple reason  
that if he doesn't, he will not have enough time to look at all the  
pictures he made, select the ones with potential, recrop them and  
work them in PS till they're acceptable.
This is what I had to do to get this result: after the shoot, it took  
me 3 evenings (I have a day job) to go through all my shots, to make  
a selection of about 150 photos (just over 10% of the total). Then it  
took me about 1 more week to do the cropping, PSing etc on this  
selection. My final selection (still no very severe judging) resulted  
in some 65 photos. Severe selection would turn out some 15 or 20  
shots, I think. Not very much for all this work...
Mind you, I liked the whole process, and it was an unique experience  
for me, but if I would have been doing this as a real PJ, I think my  
final images would have been in largely overdue :-)
So I enormously admire these guys that have little time to deliver,  
and succeed in turning in shots that are (extremely) good just as  
they are, without cropping, without dodging and burning, etc, because  
there is just no time to do all that.
Conclusion: I just might not be efficient enough.
Leaving for a grand reportage long assignment style might be more  
what I can deal with: I imagine this to coincide more with my  
'nature', and think it is a different working method compared to PJing.

Op 5-jun-06, om 00:17 heeft Don Dory het volgende geschreven:

> Philippe,
> Good work, you have the wide establishing shots, you have the small  
> groups
> documenting the actual purpose of the meeting, there are the  
> individual
> portraits both straight and humorous, and the detail shots.  You  
> know that
> you will be doing this again soon don't you?
> Don
> On 6/4/06, Philippe Orlent <> wrote:
>> For folks with some time:
>> Not everything (a selection of 150 photos of which I think some 65
>> are OK: they are preceded with an *) got downloaded: my webspace is
>> overfull. So pages 6, part of 7 and 15 are empty.
>> But t gives you an idea of the fun/experience I had.
>> Comments very welcome and
>> thanks for looking,
>> Philippe
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