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Subject: [Leica] 777
From: jsmith342 at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Sun Jun 4 19:16:01 2006

It was the choice of Time-Life and Magnum photographers. I got mine from the
Frugal Photographer. I'm going to try it with Tri-X first.  There are some
starting times on that I'll use as starting points. The
replenishment routine is sort of like black magic. You measure out the
amount you need to use, use it, and pour it back into a graduated cylinder
*minus* 40ml (I think). You then add the 40 ml of fresh developer from
another bottle and pour it back into your stock bottle. Some of the images
that I have seen (on the web) that were developed in it were breathtaking.
And it is very tolerant of crazy-ass temperatures other than 68F (which is
just fine for those of us in the subtropics).

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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Wow, Googling a bit, this stuff sounds like some kind of magical developer,
secretly used by all previous photo greats!  Where did you hear about this
developer and where did you get it? Are there published times/temps for
different films?


Jeffery Smith wrote:

>Well, my bags of 777 developer are sitting ready to go. I have had 
>difficulty finding much information on this developer other than all of 
>the caveats (it smells, it turns sludgy, the funkier it gets, the 
>better it works, etc.).
>Do any of you have any practical experience with this developer? I keep 
>reading that "agitation is critical", but then nother is mentioned 
>about just WHAT you have to do carefully when agitating.
>Jeffery Smith
>New Orleans, LA
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