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Subject: [Leica] F%#^$@#K
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Wed May 31 02:51:20 2006
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I can empathize and identify with this horror, Richard. Just this weekend, 
on a one-day shoot in Vancouver, Wash, we dropped the rental car at the 
Portland, OR, air port. While checking in I though, boy, I'm glad I have so 
little to carry - just an overloaded Domke bag on a rolling cart. Then I 
thought, &+"$#&!!!!!!! MY BACKPACK!!!!! My backpack, with my computer, 
portable 60 gig hard drive, and every image I'd shot, had been left on the 
back seat of the rental car I'd checked in. Yes, thk gd, it was still there 
when I ran back to the parking garage, but....
To those who respond to your pain with a knowing shake of the head, I 
respond, I would paraphrase Church Lady...'well aren't you Special.'  :-)

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On Wed, 31 May 2006 02:19:04 -0700 Richard <> 
>At 01:55 AM 5/31/2006, Didier Ludwig wrote:
>>Ouch, this hurts... fortunately you're at least partially insured. But 
>>could you? I live in a country (Switzerland) that is probably safer than 
>>yours, but I never leave my gear in the car, neither cameras nor computer.
>It's no one's fault but mine. We were tired, hungry and sleepy and left 
>case on the airport luggage cart. See my other posts (basically, 5 
>suitcases plus one large box, plus couple bags).
>>just curious - will you buy the R-D1 again, or another model?
>That's a tough question. My assumption is that if and when the digital M 
>comes out, I would sell my R-D1 and get the digital M. Even if I get only 
>50% what I paid for, it would have still been a good deal as I have taken 
>~10,000 pics with it already. Right now, it would be a tough choice. I 
>again have the options:
>- buy a replacement R-D1 or R-D1s
>- buy a cheap but good digital camera for the time being (e.g. Olympus E-1 
>is quite a bargain now, as is the Nikon D-70 etc.)
>- go back to shoot film
>If I can be sure that Leica can deliver a digital M to my hands by October 
>2006, I may go with option #2 or #3. However, as it is unlikely that I 
>know for sure, I may go with option #2. As this point, #1 is not as likely 
>just because the R-D1(s) is overpriced and I know ultimately I do want the 
>digital M (if it ever does come out).
>// richard (This email is for mailing lists. To reach me directly, please 
>use richard at 
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information
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