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Subject: [Leica] Clarification of "Lens Quality . . . "
From: krieger at (Martin Krieger)
Date: Sat May 27 22:53:14 2006

1. The reason I might use a loupe is that I have a print and I want to read 
some detail in that print. So the question becomes how much detail is 
available before it turns into grain or dots. Surely it matters about the 
enlarger, etc, vs. merely printing a digital file, and surely it matters how 
many dpi are put out by the inkjet printer (and the resolution of that 
system... If you paper resolves 25lp/mm, that is 600+ lp/inch, I am not sure 
what 1400dpi means in terms of resolution).

2. As for lenses, I find it interesting about the Canon L lenses being so 
good, and it only being revealed in digital systems. If someone could lead 
me to this work I would be most grateful.

3. Still, perhaps we have reached a plateau in lens quality for the price 
most of us would pay, and technological improvements are not on the horizon. 
I don't know. Does anyone have insights about this.

Thank you all for your comments,
Martin Krieger

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