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Subject: [Leica] 7-14 lens
From: eduardoalbesi at (Eduardo Albesi)
Date: Sun Apr 30 06:57:19 2006
References: <2006429225347.972770@NewDellHome>

You may be right, but I think that you have also to take into  
consideration what kind of user a site is expected to have. I think  
your point is extremely valid for, say, an e-commerce site, where  
every visitor should be converted into a buyer, or for a site living  
its life from selling publicity space, and so every marketing rule  
about immediate impact an user experience applies.

But for a site whose target is a more or less contemplative  
experience, I think a reasonable loading time is completely  
acceptable, maybe contributing to a mental slow-down to enter the  
mood of the site.

I remember browsing primitive photography sites when under a 14.4  
dial-up connection... that was a long and unenjoyable experience...



El 30/04/2006, a las 00:53, David Keenan escribi?:

>>  I think that this site is a very good example of why NOT to use  
>> Flash.
>>  I see the "Loading..." thing, it takes too many seconds for  
>> anything to appear, I click away.
>>  Flash may be pretty but if you want as many viewers as possible,  
>> don't use it.
> My point is that ANY time to load a web site is too long.
> In today's instant gratification word, computer responses are  
> expected to be virtually instantaneous. (I am a software developer  
> with ~30 yrs experience so I know computers.) Of course they aren't  
> always...
> And not to mention that everyone has T1 or even DSL/cable  
> connections. More and more do but still not everyone.
> I think that web response time needs to be considered when creating  
> a site and thought given to even the possibility that someone will  
> click away before a site is fully revealed.
> I know that I am not alone in thinking that a blinking (or  
> otherwise) "loading" message is significant annoyance.
> Dave.
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> David Keenan, on 4/29/2006
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