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Subject: [Leica] New Panasonic/Leica
From: Grduprey at (
Date: Sun Apr 2 20:51:58 2006

In a message dated 4/2/2006 3:22:22 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:
There is another rather large company with more than 5000 D200's on back
order, Nikon seems unable to ship decent quantities.  If you check the B&H
site they are on perpetual backorder.  One of the tricks is that the kit
with lens is the only one to be found.  This is not so much fun as there are
many folks out there with lenses that do not need or want another longish
range zoom but would prefer to purchase the body as an upgrade to their D100
or as a second body to their D2X.

You did make a good choice with the D200 as it is a rather well built camera
with a plenty good sensor and a sensible control layout.



Yes, I know there are alot of people waiting, and Nikon seems to be very 
at getting the D200 out to dealers.  My local photo shop has been, until 
recently only getting 2 at a time and bunches of accessories.  About a week 
and a 
half ago they got in around 35 D200's some as kits and about 10 as bodies 
alone.  I made several trips to touch and feel the demo, and also to do the 
with the Canon 30D.  After much thought I decided on the D200.  They had one 
body and the kit 18-200 zoom left Friday night, so I had them hold it for me 
did some more thinking on it, and yesterday made the purchase.  I do wish I 
could use my R lenses, but I did not like the 30D as well as the D200.  I 
am partial to Nikons anyway.  Did some shooting today and this evening and 
think I made the right decision.  I just need to figure out all the settings 
 ;-)  It seems to be a very well built camera and the menus are very easy to 
go through so far.  I will post some images in a day or two.