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Subject: PS Re: [Leica] Forget A couple of shots...
From: nickbroberts at (Nick Roberts)
Date: Thu Mar 30 14:28:48 2006

--- Lottermoser George <> wrote
something I'm rather struggling to read (snipped)::

> I think we're having semantic problems here.
> How can 'images' (good or bad) not be about
> 'appearances?'
> appear |????pi(??)r| |????p??(??)r| |????p????|
> verb [ intrans. ]
> 1 come into sight; become visible or noticeable,
> typically without  
> visible agent or apparent cause : smoke appeared on
> the horizon.
> ??? come into existence or use : the major life
> forms appeared on earth.
> ??? (of a book) be published : the paperback edition
> didn't appear for  
> another two years.

and so on... George, looks like rather deeper
linguistic problems than mere semantics to me! ;)


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