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Subject: [Leica] new to DMR - newbie question
From: pwerner at (
Date: Sat Mar 25 21:57:03 2006


>I'm sure there was a learning curve for the SL2 & K64 as well but that was
>so long ago that it's been completely obliterated from my memory ;-)  I
>expect that some day the DMR will be as instinctive as the Leicaflexes are.
>BTW my K64 is gone, I've been using Provia 400F & E100G in the 'flexes

There IS a learning curve, but it is more about using RAW conversion and
Photoshop than the operation of the camera itself. When I first handled the
camera last May at a Leica seminar, it took me perhaps 10 minutes to start
taking pictures using the default settings of the camera, just setting the
ISO to 100 and auto white balance.

I never connected the camera directly to the computer, always used a card
reader for $15 - much faster and intuitive. It will not block the camera,
during transfer, either.

If you have handled a DSLR before, using the DMR is simpicity itself. No
intricate multi-level menus, very much like one is used with a film camera.

And the other good thing is that the images usually need much less 
in PS than what was necessary with my Canon and Fuji S2 Pro DSLRs. Most of
the time, the results of the DMR are directly usable "out of the box" after
only RAW conversion with Capture One or Silky Pix (both very highly 
over ACR (Adobe Camera Raw, the RAW converter that comes with the camera
or that you can download), Using ACR, I had to do much more fine-tuning of
colors, contrast, and Shadow/Highlight balance in PS.

I am certain it will not take you very long to start being productive


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