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Subject: [Leica] Another 18 photos from the Lower 9th Ward
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Sun Feb 5 07:01:08 2006
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The follow up on Katrina is worse than the one of the Asian Tsunami  
of 2004. In a developed and leading western country like the US, this  
is simply appaling.
The government should be truly ashamed.

Op 5-feb-06, om 15:54 heeft Jeffery Smith het volgende geschreven:

> New Orleans is different from any other place I've been. When there  
> is a
> minor accident on the freeway, we have to leave the cars where they  
> are,
> making thousands of people sit and wait for the police to arrive  
> (if they
> can get there through the gridlock). We are also known as "The City  
> That
> Care Forgot", and this situation shows how true that is. The last  
> time I was
> out there shooting, I saw (1) people taking pictures, (2) a tour  
> bus, and
> (3) a guy stealing copper wire. Water still flows out from broken  
> water
> pipes under flattened houses.
> Jeffery Smith
> New Orleans, LA
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] Another 18 photos from the Lower 9th Ward
> Jeffery Smith showed:
>>> Subject: [Leica] Another 18 photos from the Lower 9th Ward
>> Photos 22 through 40 begin here.<<<<<<<<
> Hi Jeffery,
> I sat here and went through them 3 or 4 times, each I became  
> sicker, it was
> the same old question and once again as a non-USA person I should  
> keep my
> mouth shut, but damn it after all this time and as I said before,  
> it looks
> like it happened a few days ago.  Where are all the people who  
> lived here
> waiting for it to be cleaned up?
> How about a deal where trailer or tent housing is made available as  
> close by
> as possible, then everyone physically able, men, women and all elderly
> wishing to do something helpful are bussed in, get paid and fed doing
> everything that can be done manually one street at a time.
> I realize this is easier said sitting here than to do. However, in  
> poor
> countries this is the way it's done, the folks hurt the most are  
> usually the
> first in with the hands and shovels cleaning it up no matter how  
> vast it is.
> If this situation occurred in LA, New York, Boston or any other large
> American ocean side location the military and money by the  
> thousands and
> billions of dollars would've been available in the blink of an eye!
> Or I suppose a location of major political importance it would've been
> cleaned-up in no time.
> Of course this is now old news these days for any news network and  
> as much
> American news as we receive in Canada, I haven't seen any major TV or
> newspaper stories of clean-up. Is there any? And if there are, as a
> comparison maybe some pictures might be in order illustrating that  
> cleaning
> is going on despite the still desolate areas we're seeing. A sort of
> comparison date to date.
> But you have such a challenge and are doing such a solid shoot I  
> can't do
> anymore than wish you the strength and fortitude to stay with it as  
> long as
> you can.
> Know this... some day all your efforts will pay off monetarily and in
> recognition for your fine documentary work.
> ted
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