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Subject: [Leica] RE: Adox and Efke
From: editor at (Rose Scollard)
Date: Thu Jan 12 22:10:51 2006
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It's been almost half a century since I've used Adox films, but I still 
remember the different variants quite well.  The three emulsions available 
in North America were KB14 (10 ASA), KB17 (25 ASA, and KB21 (80 ASA); these 
speed ratings are based on processing in Tetanal Neofin Blue for the two 
slower films and Neofin Red for the fast guy.  The KB14 was sharp, almost 
grainless and very contrasty, KG17 seemed to have more tonal range, and KB21 
was quite grainy,with harsh middle tones (harsher than Ilford FP3 or 
Gevaert, for instance) but very sharp.  Perutz Pergrania, a 10 ASA film, was 
at least as good as any of them, when you could find it.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: Adox and Efke

> 25 ISO is 15 DIN - and the system did change a bit some time - long ago - 
> so quite possibly the original Adox KB-14 was 14 DIN, translated now as 25 
> ISO, a difference of 1/3 stop.
> All the best!
> Raimo K
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: Adox and Efke
>> The KB-14 was ASA 25. According to J&C, the Efke 25 is going to be 
>> packaged as Adox again. I don't know if they will call it KB-14 or KB 25, 
>> but it is the same speed. I think the Minox films made by EFKE are still 
>> packaged as Adox.
>>> From: David Keenan <>
>>> Date: 2006/01/12 Thu PM 03:03:30 EST
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>>> Subject: [Leica] RE: Adox and Efke
>>> I've found KB-25, KB-50, and KB-100, but no KB-14...
>>> >As long as somewhere in the Slavic world someone is making Adox KB-14, 
>>> >I'll keep shooting film.
>>> Dave.
>>> -- 
>>> David Keenan, on 1/12/2006
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