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Subject: [Leica] One off No. 14
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Sat Dec 17 12:34:19 2005
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Reproducing reality.
Interpreting reality.
Creating your own world.

3 different things. 3 different ways of photographing.
All 3 can use techniques from the other 2. But all 3 are good. IMO.
Nothing to do with old or young guys. :-)

Op 17-dec-05, om 20:58 heeft Ted Grant het volgende geschreven:

> Ric Carter offered:
>> This one for instance attracted because of the brilliant orange  
>> from  the sun on the horizon. When I started working with the  
>> photo,  presenting it the way it looked that day seemed just too  
>> much, so I  turned it down:
>> In the real world, it actually looked more like this:
>> Of course, now, rethinking it, I wonder if I turned it down too  
>> much??<<<
> Gentlemen what I don't understand in this thread about "changing  
> the look of Mother Nature's light that attracted you in the first  
> place?" Like why?
> As in this shot of the old school house. If it were real orange lit  
> and that's what caught your eye and motivated you to shoot it, why  
> change it at all? Down load, level and print! That simple! After  
> all it isn't a commercial assignment to photograph a pound of  
> butter that must match the colour of the real life butter. This is  
> out door beautiful light, so why mess with it?
> It's the same as the Steve Unsworth Candy Floss man!
> Why bother messing with it, that's what it looked like and it's  
> tough on anybody who doesn't like it. I mean if you didn't like the  
> look of red roses would you make them purple if you liked purple  
> better? Hell no, unless you were screwing around and wanted to  
> create some wild and fantasy roses... That's a different can of beans!
> Jeeeeeeeeeeeesh I can't understand why so many of you guys can't  
> get it through your heads that "LIGHT!" is what makes any  
> photograph work in the first place. Yes there are occasions when  
> it's blood and guts all over the place, even that kind of picture  
> can use the right light to intensify the look!
> Oh well once again it's the old guy!!
> ted
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