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Subject: [Leica] Dell Bashing
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Thu Jul 28 19:41:29 2005

I have owned, with my family, 8 Dell computers over the past few to many
years.  AS much as the assembled multitude dislikes Dell, and especially the
reliability of Dell, I disagree.

I have never had a hardware problem, and I buy consumer grade computers (
which use the same quality components as the fancy business  machines),  I
have had several problems with software, BIOS, and a single bad keyboard and
a mouse.  Never a hardware failure ( other than a $15 keyboard and an even
cheaper mouse, that probably was a software issue anyway...)

I have never had a HDD go out on me, and I have owned at least 15 over the
years.  I have bought Maxtor ( now), WD, and Seagate. I have worked for WD
( Imaging Business, not Drives).

Rarely is it a hardware drive problem, especially after the first few days
of running.  Less often even is a motherboard problem, again after a few
days of operating.  It is usually a software, OS, or BIOS problem, but
finding that out ( and fixing it) is like pulling teeth.. Techs generally
will not be able to help you.... Even those from Dell that speak English as
their first language.....   I was once told to re-install my OS and my SW
because there was a conflict in the BIOS and my mouse... A Toshiba Laptop ..
a simple change of mouse cured the problem without losing anything...except
my temper.....

Dell is no better than anyone else, but they are also no worse.  You are
buying a high tech product made for consumers.  It is like buying a fancy
rice cooker, TV ( low end), or a microwave oven.  They are mostly all made
in China, of the same components, and especially of the same quality
components.  Sometimes the difference between maker A vs. B is the QA checks
done.  Sometimes it is simply the price point that is marked on the box.
But never believe that any Company with a reputation they want to be
positive, like Dell, ships garbage, knowingly faulty items, or even second
grade parts.  It just is not true.

Yes, Apple is totally designed in house ( maybe.... did you know that MOST
of the designs on PC's are done at a small company in California? and the
design kits are given away by Intel? and as long as they buy Intel
processors, the use of the design is free....).... and certainly under
Apple's control all the way.  Are they better?  Like I think Brian said, at
least they are totally under one entity, so there should be more seamless
integration of the total SW + HW issues.  Is it real?  Maybe.... or maybe it
is just hype....

Buy whatever you want, backup as often as you can, buy drives from whoever
you wish.  Sometimes the SW will just go nuts on you, because it can......

Rant off.....

Frank Filippone

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