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Subject: [Leica] Kindrid Spirits
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Wed Jul 27 12:49:47 2005


> From: george karvman <>
> Reply-To: Leica Users Group <>
> Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 15:43:20 -0400
> To: <>
> Subject: [Leica] Kindrid Spirits
> I was DRAGGED into this "computer world" of cyberspace by my daughters, but
> I am pleased to find so many KINDRID SPIRITS here.
> Louis' photos of New York City were RIGHT ON. He has what we called in my
> day the ability to truely APPRECIATE a pretty woman. Today if you take a
> picture they're in your face with the "stalking harrassment" charges. It's
> depressing what a SLIME PIT New York has turned into lately, they cleaned 
> up
> the filth on 42nd street, but the city has GONE TO HELL anyway. It's a
> shame. With a 35 sumicron and an M2, that city is your OYSTER every
> photographer should spend a YEAR there. Until some CRACK-HEAD accuses you 
> of
> "stalking harrassment" for your photos. What do they know about art?
> (Retorical.) The cops will try and take your camera/film for photographing 
> a
> church. I always carry a spare roll of (blank) exposed film that I'll 
> switch
> and give them, "Here you go!"
> If you want DEVELOPER, this is what you should be using, it's my own
> recipie:
> Water heated to twenty five degrees D  750 mL
> Ascorbic acid  11 grams
> Sodium metabisulfite 3,5 grams
> Sodium metaborate 4.75 grams
> Sodium sulfite anhyd. 60 grams
> Citric acid 2 grams
> Phenidone 0.15 gm
> Add enough water to make one lieter
> George
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