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Subject: [Leica] Kindrid Spirits
From: leicaphotogod at (george karvman)
Date: Wed Jul 27 12:43:22 2005

I was DRAGGED into this "computer world" of cyberspace by my daughters, but 
I am pleased to find so many KINDRID SPIRITS here.

Louis' photos of New York City were RIGHT ON. He has what we called in my 
day the ability to truely APPRECIATE a pretty woman. Today if you take a 
picture they're in your face with the "stalking harrassment" charges. It's 
depressing what a SLIME PIT New York has turned into lately, they cleaned up 
the filth on 42nd street, but the city has GONE TO HELL anyway. It's a 
shame. With a 35 sumicron and an M2, that city is your OYSTER every 
photographer should spend a YEAR there. Until some CRACK-HEAD accuses you of 
"stalking harrassment" for your photos. What do they know about art? 
(Retorical.) The cops will try and take your camera/film for photographing a 
church. I always carry a spare roll of (blank) exposed film that I'll switch 
and give them, "Here you go!"

If you want DEVELOPER, this is what you should be using, it's my own 

Water heated to twenty five degrees D   750 mL
Ascorbic acid   11 grams
Sodium metabisulfite    3,5 grams
Sodium metaborate       4.75 grams
Sodium sulfite anhyd.   60 grams
Citric acid 2 grams
Phenidone       0.15 gm
Add enough water to make one lieter


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