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Subject: [Leica] Snowshoes
From: jls at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Mon Jul 25 04:42:24 2005

It's the thumbs that make it possible. ;-)

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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Friday night was an exception, usually she brings them back alive and 
then drops them at our feet.

Once she brought in a freshly killed crow...  I still can't imagine how 
she was quick enough to get that one.


Jeffery Smith wrote:

> Ah, you have one of those infamous "thumbed" cats. They are purported 
> to be better mousers as they have bigger mitts to grab them with. Over

> the years, none of my 20 or so cats ever brought me a mouse. Instead, 
> they seemed to like to leave the hind legs and tail on the porch as a 
> trophy of their kill. And some would barf up a little furry pelt on 
> the carpet.
> Jeffery Smith
> New Orleans, LA
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> Hemenway
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> Eric:
> I don't know you or your dog, except though the LUG... but I know that
> our domesticated animals are so dear to us.
> About 5 minutes ago I yelled at Snowshoes for presenting me with yet
> another f**king dead mouse, her reaction, after I had returned to my 
> chair in anticipation to watching "Monk", was to jump up on my lap and

> "kiss" my nose.  I think that she expects me to eat the damn thing.
> Your post makes me glad that she's still alive and kicking.
> Jim
>>Our Norwegian Elkhound, Skye, just died suddenly and unexpectedly.  I
>>let our dogs outside, and they chased a rabbit across the yard and to 
>>the fence, where it darted out of sight.  After I closed the door, our
>>other dog started baying.  Skye had taken a step back from the fence
>>and collapsed. He died instantly.

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