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Subject: [Leica] WW II Leicas
From: Afterswift at (
Date: Fri May 27 13:45:44 2005

>From what I read, Leitz continued to make Leicas throughout the war. But 
weren't finished in chrome and were mostly sold to the army. The Nazis liked 
to bait booby traps with them, from what a family member told me. They're 
prime collector's items.

I imagine there are some horrendous prints lying in the bottom drawers 
closets all over Germany. The first camera I ever had was a Balda my brother 
in law 
picked up from a dead Nazi in North Africa. The sand was still in it and it 
had a light leak that couldn't be repaired and the shutter was a mess. But 
intrigued me enough to send me onto an M3, my own darkroom and innumerable 
Nikons unto this very day.

As for digital, I can take my D70 or leave it alone, to paraphrase Groucho 

Bob R 


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