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Subject: [Leica] contax P&S cameras T3 & TVS III
From: leica_korenman at (eric korenman)
Date: Fri May 20 07:22:44 2005

Lordy - this conversatin pops up every 2 months or so!

I have had many compact P&S cameras.
The keeper is my Contax T.
It is a Minox with  RF focus. Built like a rock. Practically a mini M7

The T3 is outstandingly sharp if you must have flash and auto everything.

>From: Mark Langer <>
>Reply-To: Leica Users Group <>
>To: Leica Users Group <>
>Subject: Re: [Leica] contax P&S cameras T3 & TVS III
>Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 10:10:38 -0400
>Good suggestion.  I have heard good things about the GR1 performance,
>although not such good things about its reliability.  I was even
>playing with one at a recent camera show in Montreal.  But as I have
>compact 35mm cameras up the wazoo (Rollei 35SE, Petri Color 35, 2
>Konica Auto S3s, Chinon Bellami, Contax TVS, Minolta CLE, Olympus XA,
>XA-4 and Stylus,  Yashica T4 Super D, Hanimex EE, 3 Voigtlander Vito
>Bs, 2 Vitos, etc, etc., the last thing that I need is to get more.
>I've actually interested in selling one ot the Konicas rather than
>acquiring a Ricoh.  Other than the Rollei, Contax TVS and Konica
>glass, the Tessar-type Color Skopars on the little Vito Bs are also
>better than the glass on the Olympus XA, by the way.  I love the Vito
>Bs, which are cameras at their simplest -- just a very high quality
>compact body with an outstanding lens and a simple leaf shutter.
>Everything depends on the skills of the photographer, not on the bells
>and whistles.
>Which brings me to the non-Leica question, what compact, reasonably
>pocketable beater camera is preferred by people on this list?
>On 5/20/05, Philippe Orlent <> wrote:
> > Mark,
> >
> > May I suggest to try the Ricoh GR1s?
> > I had both the Rollei and the Contax (T) and the Ricoh is on par if not
> > better IMO.
> > The Olympus XA is a wonderful and fun camera, too, but indeed not in the
> > same league. If you compare price vs. quality it's a very good buy, 
> >
> > Philippe
> >
> >
> >
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