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Subject: Firmware was Re: [Leica] Still no DMR
From: vick.ko at (Vick Ko)
Date: Sun May 15 14:44:49 2005

So as long as we are here scaring ourselves silly, here is another
doomsday scenario:

Let's say the gnomes at Leica have learned to change from
super-precision mechanical technology (5 micron tolerances, 100% final
yield at final systems test) to software development (95% tests pass, no
mission critical bugs, to release).  

And they develop the necessary software, which may take 2 to three years
to get to a miserable 95% pass.  

But, the software is optimized to "sensor A" from Company Z.
Unfortunately, in 3 years, Company Z no longer makes "Sensor A", because
in 3 years, no-one has bought enough of the component to allow it to be
economically viable.  They've moved on to Sensor G, H, and I, but none
of them are compatible with the Leica firmware.  

Add to this that in the 3 years, not only is Sensor A not available,
neither are many other electronics components in the DMR, because the
product life cycle of such items are now in months, not years.  

I've seen this happen in my company, especially with memory.  The system
development cycle took 3 years, and by the time we launched, we already
had to redesign some packs because of unavailability of components due
to obsolescence.

Such are the perils of making consumer products these day.  Even the
fittest find it hard.  

But I do not consider Leitz as a maker of common consumer products, nor
do I consider them "the fittest" to deal with bleeding edge
software-integrated hardware product technology development.  


Vick Ko

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Frank Filippone
Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2005 4:52 PM
To: Leica Users Group
Subject: RE: Firmware was Re: [Leica] Still no DMR

Naw....   Much of the SW development for Microsoft is done in China (
is more likely than Mainland China...), especially the video stuff.

However, I suspect it was done in Europe..... but it is not the issue of
where.....  It is the issue of release, buggy or not, and then fixing
those bugs on some form of timetable.  It is a matter of survival.

 It is a management decision as to when the product is released.  At
this late date, it is an ominous signal that another delay is
instituted, and further, that it will be AFTER the financial meeting as
to the announcement of the new release date.

Frank Filippone

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