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Subject: Firmware was Re: [Leica] Still no DMR
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Sun May 15 07:34:51 2005
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It's all part of the great master-plan - Cyclic Selling

they build 50 , sell 25 and wait 3 months before selling the next 25. 
The first 25 are now recalled on the basis of a supposed update which, 
of course delayed the second batch of 25.
So, they have now sold 50 but have the returned 25 in hand. These are 
cleaned and reboxed and sold as numbers 51 - 75 to the next customers on 
the list, after having informed the original owners that there will be a 
delay of around 3 months "updating" the software. After this period of 3 
months the second batch is recalled and sent back to the original owners 
of the first batch, who have of course, accepted the fact that anything 
at Leica will take at least 3 months, by which time numbers 51-75 (aka 
1-25) have been returned for the next "update" , are sold immediately as 
76-100................. and so ad infinitum

There is a major flaw in the mathematics, but in theory .............


Frank Filippone wrote:

> (3) or Leica is killing off the product, stalling to tell the market after
> their financial restructuring meeting later this month.......
> Frank Filippone
> I would suspect rather that either
> (1) there's some kind of real problems ................
>  (2) some pukes insistedat the last minute on cramming some new features
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