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Subject: [Leica] M6 TTL Flash troubles - I need help
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Fri May 13 14:33:22 2005

Hi Rick

If I was younger your idea about to ask to an attractive women is a very
good idea to learn and calibrate the sensors....!

Now, seriously talking, up to I owned a TTL flash and camera I had always
used the flash in "A" mode, successfully, and I've found on my experiments
just the contrary that I find with the TTL:

With the flash on A position, if the recommended setup was F8, I put on the
lens 5,6, except if I was very close.

With the TTL I can put on the flash -2/3, okay, but no on my lens, because I
think that this would done a null effect, TTL = Through The Lens, at this
moment my only possibility is reducing the power on the flash to -2/3 or -1,
instead of my previous experience, on +1 on the lens.

Are you agree?

Thank you, and saludos desde Barcelona

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Hi Luis,

In my experience TTL flash can be great or can be a disaster.  A factor
I try to keep in mind is that the subject may fill only a portion of
the frame and might not be as reflective as the standard to which the
TTL sensor is calibrated.  This can lead to the camera not receiving
enough reflected light and not telling the flash to 'shut off with the
light already' until after more than enough flash light has reached
your subjects face (assuming it's a person).  Hence overexposure.

So, if my subject does not fill most of the central part of the frame
and/or is not close to an 18% reflective standard, I will throttle back
the flash, to either  -2/3rd or -1.  And this is for photos where the
flash is the main light source for the subject.

For fill flash where the subject is reasonably well lit I'll go even
further and use -2 to -2&2/3rds.  But for fill flash where the subjects
face is in the dark, from a hat or from being directly silhouetted,
I'll expose for the background and hit em with with -2/3rds or -1.
Works a treat, with any of M6, M6TTL, MP, R6.2 or R8, though I'll opt
for auto mode instead of TTL with some of those, as necessary.

If I can make one more suggestion....  some experimentation is needed,
so, how about heading down to the nearest cafe strip to strike up
conversations with the tables of young and attractive women there,
along the lines of, "Excuse me.  Hi, my name is Luis.  I'm a
photographer, with the LUGnum agency.  I'm looking for volunteers to
help me quickly calibrate my TTL sensor and, well, perhaps you could
help ...

Please let us know how this goes, and post pics too.  :-D


indirect lightgrey objectbe only a portion
On 11/05/2005, at 1:05 PM, wrote:

> In a message dated 5/10/2005 4:51:49 PM Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
> Has somebody any answer?, or maybe either my camera or flash don't work
> properly
> Luis
> I don't have the SF-20, but do have the SF-24D, the current Leica
> Flash.  I
> use it with my M6TTL and get great results..  A tip you may try is to
> set it
> for 1/3 to 2/3 under exposure.  I get very nice natural looking flash
> exposures.
>  At full power I get normal flash type pics.  Either way, the TTL
> function
> seems to work fine.
> Gene
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